General terms of sale & delivery Larsen a/s

General terms of sales and delivery for Larsen a/s, CVR nr. DK 25 16 09 24.

The following sales- and delivery terms are valid, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Larsen a/s.

Buyers own sales and delivery terms do not place any obligation on Larsen a/s, unless Larsen a/s has accepted them in writing.

All our offers are non-binding and are given with reservation of right to change price and quantity. Seller is entitled to change the agreed prices in accordance with fluctuation in exchange rates, cost price, duty, insurance or other conditions which are beyond the control of seller. The terms are subject to availability of the goods.

All our prices are exclusive of VAT, expenses for the issue of plant and health certificates where necessary and any other export documents.
Terms of payment are net cash on delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If the terms of payment detailed on the invoice are not strictly adhered, we reserve the right to calculate interest at the rate of 2% per month and charge a fee for possible reminders of DKK 100,00 per reminder.
All goods supplied remain our property until buyer has fulfilled his obligations in their entirety. Buyer´s delay of payment entitles us to cancel all confirmed orders.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our prices are ex-factory Søllinge. 
An administration fee of DKK 150,00 will be added to purchase orders less than DKK 500,00.

The price set out in quotations and agreements include seller´s standard packaging. Pallets will be invoiced separately.
The property right to the pallets  belongs to Larsen a/s.
We cannot guarantee that goods delivered correspond exactly to description or samples, just as illustrations in catalogues are intended for guiding purpose only.

We reserve the right for goods to be out of stock and failure of crops.
All processing of Christmas trees*) shall take place in accordance with the grading rules currently in force.
*) Translator’s comment: The term processing covers all activities involved in the process of felling the trees and preparing them for transport, e.g. felling, netting, palletizing and loading.
We are only bound by orders that have been confirmed in writing. Orders confirmed in writing are binding on the buyer and can only be changed subject to our prior written consent.
Before confirming large orders, we reserve the right to require that buyer obtains a guarantee of payment from bank.

Delivery is conditioned upon successful plantation/cultivation and subject to any kind of Force Majeure, e.g. impassable state of the roads, general shortage of goods, labor disputes, fire, delay or shortage of goods from our suppliers, war, exchange restriction or shortage on means of transportation, we are without any responsibility to neutron economic demand from buyer. These conditions do not entitle the buyer to cancel the order.
If there is a Force Majeure, we can delay our obligation or cancel an agreement without paying damages to the buyer.
Risk passes to buyer on delivery.
Delivery has been made when the goods are transferred to buyer at the agreed place of delivery.

If the articles sold are to be collected by the buyer in person, the goods have been delivered when they are placed at the disposal of the buyer at the agreed delivery time. Larsen a/s shall handle loading of Christmas trees. After loading, the risk of the Christmas trees shall pass to the Buyer.
We aim to deliver the purchased goods at the agreed time.

The buyer is not entitled to cancel the purchase agreement, unless delivery is more than 1 week late, or unless the buyer on signing the agreement pointed out in writing that it must be on an agreed date.

The freight operator is liable for any damage to the goods during transportation and/or for incorrect delivery during transit.
Any claim should be in writing and with photo documentation 48 hour after delivery. After this period the other part is deemed to have accepted the goods. Goods may only be returned where previous permission has been given by us in writing.
The buyer is obligated to take prudent care of goods concerned, until we have seen the goods and the claim is settled.
Our liability to pay damages cannot be more than the amount of the invoice for the delivered goods. We are not responsible for any consequences of an entitled claim.
Disagreement regarding delivered goods and payments will be settled according to Danish law and seller's jurisdiction or if seller choses so, but the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen if the conditions her fore are met.
The present terms of sale and delivery shall come into force on 1/7 2012, and replace all previous terms of sale and delivery.
On acceptance of quotations and offers, buyer confirms the validity of the present conditions of business.

We take no liability for misprints, pricing errors, VAT and tax changes and supply shortages.



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